Próximo Transpedegouine


El Festival XXYZ es el festival de películas DIY de temática queer feminista gay y lesbiana que se organiza cada año en Toulouse para regocijo de tod@as. Estan abiertas las inscripciones. Pero lo mejor de este año será el taller porno que organizan. Me ha encantado el planning:


New this year, along with the projection evenings, we are proposing a “DIY” workshop all week from Monday to Saturday with script, shooting, costumes, editing, music and finally, showing of the films during the Saturday closing party. We will supply all the necessary technical equipment for you to enjoy yourselves. Come along, it’s going to be really groovy. Sign-up now to book your place in this futuro-hip-seriouslyclass-superfunk-revolutionary workshop on [email protected], and also tell us if you want to be put for the night/week. Vegan food served every lunchtime, pay what you want (between one condom and 100 euros). Festival XXYZ.

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