Men can stop rape


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  1. jack Says:

    In our current society and public life, girls lie about so much more than just being pregnant to trick a man into staying with them. Imagine yourself dating a girl and finding out about her real age. Imagine sleeping with a girl and then having her cry rape. Imagine a girl paying for dinner or your new xbox 360 and when you break up with her, she accuses you of pimping her.

    Come on folkes we live in the real world. When a girl lies, it means nothing to the public. I mean she is a poor, innocent, soft, delicate woman, right?
    and men are seen as manipulative user type assholes, right?

    I make this point because there are alot of men sitting in jail right now, wishing that they have not taken a chance on a girl who would tell a lie on them, when they started to PMS. Men that become victims of women lying are laughed at by you and the general public. They are seen as, «they get what they ask for» if your going to be a player, then take what goes with it

    But no man thinks he is ever going to be acused of rape or a sex crime. After watching the Dateline NBC story on male preditors anyone charged with a sex crime is automatically guilty in the eyes of the public and the media.

    Now for gods sake if the guys is innocent, the shame and humiliation has already destroyed his family life and future chances of a decent job in the community. I know what your thinking, if he has a good lawyer, and he’s really innocent, he should be able to prove that in court. Well come on, that bull#### and you know it.

    If a girl lies to police, she will surely come to court, put her hand on the bible and lie in court. Would you really risk stopping and admitting that you lied about the whole crime? We live in a save yourself world, and no one would do that. Now, if it can be proven that she lied under oath, in court, what brave prosecutor or police official, wants to be seen as charging sweet innocent becky for purgery? They will let her go with what they call a «inconsistant statement» or simply put, she can’t recall or doesn’t remember at this time. So chances are the case is dropped, and the guy has to go back and face his life, his family, and the shame of his community.

    The funny thing is, it doesn’t make the splashy headlines of the media around the world

    Hey, I have a very controversal idea, why not come up with a registry system on the internet for girls who lie in court or just set men up.

    It would be a place where men could go and tel their stories. I know what your thinking, what if someone post something that isn’t true about a girl.
    God this is the internet, that’s never happened before.

    how come you can go on the internet and find out rumors about your favorite stars, and there is nothing they can do about it… Imagine if you met a girl at a club and became really serious about her, but started to see some really moody behavioral patterns, you know, fits of anger, i’m sorry, i love you, i hate you..You know, nutty stuff that would leave you to a violent domestic conclusion.

    Well, you could simply just jump in front of your google, type in her name, and hear some guys story of how she almost put him away in jail, for an imaginary beating that did not happen.

    Hey, i did say that this was controversial and hey, to deal with the nay sayers up front I am not a victim of this crime and no I don’t think all women are bad, and I think only proven girls should be posted on the internet.
    I truly believe that everyone has the right to tell their story in a free and open society without threats of being sued. Imagine if someone told you ahead of time, that there was a whole in the house that you were about to buy? but got sued for warning you…? basically what i’m saying, is a life is a life, and if a girl is willing to lie under oath to put a guy in jail, I would love to know more about her, so I can stay the hell away.

    Well I’ve said my peace, go ahead let me have it, but first let me put my helmit on.