Tim Stüttgen en Texte zur Kunst


Tim Stüttgen ha publicado en la edicion de diciembre de Texte zur Kunst (dedicado este mes al tema del PORNO) el artículo titulado TEN FRAGMENTS ON A CARTOGRAPHY OF POST-PORNOGRAPHIC POLITICS en el que menciona a Girlswholikeporno dentro del PostPornPolitics Symposium. Ardo en deseos de leerlo. Pero mientras consigo el número, podemos ir leyendo los artículos en inglés que están on line >>>

Obviously, pornography is booming – both in the mainstream and in so-called independent contexts and in theoretical debates revolving around subjectivity and the politics of identity, to say nothing of the porn industry flanked on the Internet by innumerable individual blogs pandering to all niches of sexual desire and fantasies. At present, the range of approaches in theorizing pornography or criticizing it, is as diversified as the depictions of sexuality themselves which are subsumed under this term. For quite some time, the feminist debates concerned with pornography were characterized by the antagonism of anti-porn and anti-censorship positions, where on the one side the misogynous aspects of heterosexual pornography – at times also causalities between pornographic scenarios and rape statistics – were stressed, and on the other the right to freedom of speech and expression vis-à-vis attempts at censorship was brought to bear.

2 Responses to “Tim Stüttgen en Texte zur Kunst”

  1. a porn reader Says:

    help!! de los ‘textos’ en inglés sólo encuentro el de florian cramer. hay alguno más y mi miopía me impide encontrarlo?

  2. timiboi Says:

    there are a few more small texts downwards to the big discussion on porn miss panties has quited the big english question text from: why porn now? a few answers are online, from lee edelman, fergusen, shaviro and marc siegel… under the title SURVEY you can find them.

    in the issue itself, all the 4 big stories are also in english.