An Experiment on Heteronomy and Sex

Nunca estuve en Viena. Ni lo estaré en un futuro próximo porque mi apretada agenda me impide coger un tren a la hermosa ciudad austríaca para ir a escuchar las dulces palabras de Tim Stüttgen, que participa en unas jornadas sobre teoría de la pornografía. Un temazo, vaya. Para sesudos interesados, toda la info aquí:
Open lab: Pornonom. Ein Versuch über Heteronomie und Sex [An Experiment on Heteronomy and Sex]

In this experiment, initiated by the performer Sabine Sonnenschein, pornographic films (hard-core porn as well as art films) are absorbed in the framework of settings, performatively overlayered, embedded in tantric rituals, analysed and discussed:
In what way do images of bodies directly address our bodies? What semiotics is involved? What is the nature of pornographic filmic language? The research project brings together positions from performance and performance theory, fine art, philosophy and film studies.

“The political relevance of our sexual maturity and dependence is obvious. We are sexually liberated, equal hedonists, steeped in power discourses but also full of sensitivity. Is the dildo the means of radical sexual gender equality that the anus promises us?”
(Sabine Sonnenschein)

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