queeruption video workshop

3o may-5 june 2005 barcelona

A workshop in queeruption 8, barcelona june05, about how to make short videos in a quick-easy-cheap way, we wanted to enphasize the magic that u can bring in a short video if u grasp an idea and film it, and with really no editing nightmares,, and always with the theme of sexe in a queer point of view, which is what we are most fond of…
(and the people coming to queeruption..)

we started talking with the people that came to the workshop and discussing the ideas that people brought
it is very important to stop on those ideas of that person saying something like «it is imposible to do this but i would love to…» because there is always a way to do it, and it is nice to talk about it in a group of people and find a way to make your dream-film come true

in the second part of the workshop we started filming, we had a laptop and a camera and altogether it was fun to materialize the ideas that we had been discussing

we really tried to stop too complicated proyects, in order to make a work on fast, kind of brain storming video session that could of course turn into more elavorate proyects in the future individually…
but the goal of our workshop was this: to start, make it happen, the magic of the first shot…

Here is one of the videos, Sexual Opinion.

you can download here some more videos