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martes, enero 2nd, 2007

I have used sex as subject matter for more than 25 years in combinations of photographic images, videos, theoretical writings, and sexually explicit monologues. I often call my current work pornographic — when I don’t, I can always be sure someone else will. When I do, it becomes an unstable signifier. What does it mean for a middle-aged woman, a professor, a teacher of theory, a feminist – to write like this, to speak like this, to think these thoughts, to exhibit such bad behavior? I like playing with the vulgar, with the low-class, low-brow, language of traditional porn. I’m suspicious of distinctions that elevate erotica over porn as well as create an incommensurability between art and pornography. I’m fascinated by what happens when private language and action enter the public domain, when vernacular «pornographic» vocabulary intersects with cultural analysis, when everything we believe about political correctness is subverted by intemperance, indulgence, desire out of control, and logical reasoning. […]


In 1994 after my NEA Visual Artist Fellowship was revoked because of the sexual content of my work, I became more determined to explore the extreme, and to use pornography as a site of disruption. Ironically over the past 25 years since I began working with sexual imagery, and specifically the male body, my work has often been called pornographic for nothing more than photographing naked men. It has also been censored many times, vandalized several times, and in two cases destroyed because someone has found it offensive. Why is the sexual body still a such site of discomfort?


La conocimos en la Netporn Conference, con su pelo canoso recogido en un moño y su pinta de profe de uni, hablando sobre la pornografía en internet y de fondo una de sus pelis: Full Load, que nos dejó a todos sin respiración. Y con el 2007 estrena web, por fin. Así da gusto empezar el año.

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