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[BD]SM, QBDSM y otras siglas de guardar

viernes, febrero 9th, 2007


Marie-Hélène Bourcier hablará sobre queer politics and SM hoy a las 14h en la Bethanien, en el mismito Krutzberg, que es donde parece que pasa todo en Berlin. Hoy empieza el ciclo de conferencias Performing and Queering Sadomasochism. Puedes ver el programa completo en pdf aquí. Y si te interesa muchísimo el tema y no estás en Berlin, tienes todos los textos de las jornadas en pdf aquí, en alemán y en inglés. Buen fin de semana chicas.

The conference‘s aim is to analyse the specific quality of the performance of power and control in sadomasochis-tic subculture, including its adaptations on the Internet, in arts, literature, film and performance art. Relations of power and control are usually blinded out or disapproved in our culture. However, they acquire a special appeal and are whished to be confronted with high intensity in sa-domasochistic settings, thereby making it possible to re- work them. The possibility of dealing with contradictions and borderlines in a playful way thus closely connects [BD]SM with aesthetic practices. The objectives of the interdisciplinary perspective on [BD]SM are: analysing the different dimensions of [BD]SM (fetishism, bodily con-trol, pain and submission), understanding and criticising the performativity of power, violence, gender, communi-ty, heteronormativity, and the subject, as well as investi-gating the fascination with violence and authority as the society‘s collective imaginary.

PS Alguno de ustedes sabe qué es el [BD]SM?